• classically trained bass-baritone
  • versatile as a soloist in many different styles (classical, musical, jazz and pop)
  • 3 1/2 octave range
  • excellent sight reader
  • ideal for ensemble and a cappella work

voice lessons and vocal coaching

  • now accepting ambitious singers and talented beginners in my studio
  • 14 years of experience with hundreds of satisfied customers
  • comfortable and versatile in teaching and coaching many different styles
  • vast knowledge of:
        * vocal pedagogy and motivational strategies
        * voice function and anatomy
        * bel canto history, technique and methods
        * voice types
        * many different styles of literature (large archive of sheet music)
  • high rate of success in audition and concert preparation
  • accompany on piano and guitar (transposing is not a problem)
  • accredited music teacher

choir director and vocal ensemble coach

  • classically trained in choral conducting
  • equally versatile in many different styles (classical, gospel, pop, jazz, barbershop)
  • specialized in voice building for choirs and ensembles
  • over 20 years of experience


  • have written over 100 arrangements for choirs and a cappella groups (see the list under links/downloads)
  • offer original arrangements tailored specifically to your group

workshops and master classes

  • regularly offer workshops and master classes (please inquire)

  • Singer    -    Voice Teacher    -    Choir Director
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